Alchemy Station

The alchemy station is an advanced crafting station for the herbalist profession. It allows a herbalist to research all available items in-game to reveal stats that they might affect.

Herbalists can also then create powerful herbal infusions for cooks to use to boost food and drink stats.

Herbalists can also experiment with combining various ingredients and setting heat levels and time under heat to create powerful concoctions. These concoctions require testing by the herbalist or a lucky (or unlucky) lab rat volunteer to determine what effects that concoction will have on an individual. Once happy with the effects, the recipe can be scribed and made into a permanent potion to be made over and over.

All potions created can be added to rezzed foods and drinks in-world. And players will not be able to tell if food has been boosted or poisoned without the correct skills to determine. They will only know, after the fact!

Price: L$1,500
Markeplace Listing: Here

Required Tool: None


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