Herb Garden

The herb gardens have 8 mini plots that allow players to plant various types of herbs for use in recipes, whether they be cooking, making sausages, creating potions and other concoctions as a herbalist. This garden is specifically made for herbalists to earn CXP.

Price: L$1,200
Markeplace Listing: Here

Current Item Settings Ploughing Tool: Hoe
Ploughing Energy Use: 10
Plough Durability Use: 1
Seeding Tool: None
Watering Tool: Clay Jar
Watering Energy Use: 5
Clay Jar Durability Use: 1
Harvesting Tool: Small Basket
Harvesting Energy Use: 10

Maximum Harvests: 5 per small plot ( 5 - 10 herbs per Harvest ) 25 - 50 Herbs per Grow Cycle for each plot

Growth Speed: 7 days