The vineyard allows players to grow various types of grapes and vine based fruits. These grapes can be eaten as is, or taken to a cooking station to create fascinating recipes. They can also be taken to a juice press at the brewery to ferment various wines.

Large Vineyard
Price: L$400
Markeplace Listing: Here

Medium Vineyard
Price: L$200
Markeplace Listing: Here

Small Vineyard
Price: L$100
Markeplace Listing: Here

Ploughing Tool: Hoe
Ploughing Energy Use: 50
Plough Durability Use: 1
Seeding Tool: Seed Bag
Seeding Energy Use: 5
Seed Bag Durability Use: 1
Watering Tool: Clay Jar
Watering Energy Use: 5
Clay Jar Durability Use: 1
Harvesting Tool: Small Basket
Harvesting Energy Use: 10

Maximum Harvests: 10 (10 items)

Growth Speed: 7 days


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