Region Server

The Region Server is a must have tool for sim owners building around the SL Colonies system. This server does a a couple of things:

Firstly, it’ll allow your players who have crafted tools within the game to be able to send tools from the inventory into the player HUD, enabling them to attach said tools and use in further crafting & gathering. The region server sends physical prims from the server into a players HUD inventory from within the same region.

Secondly, upon rezzing a Region Server, your parcel details will be grabbed and automatically listed on our front portal page at Players of the SL Colonies game will be able to see a list of participating locations and come visit your location. As a region server owner, you are able to modify all your listings, including name, type, surl & texture to use.

Price: L$2,000
Markeplace Listing: Here


Marketplace HUB
Rental Server