Store Policies

Policies to help you in all situations

Refund Policy

We offer a customer satisfaction garauntee for any of our ‘no copy’ items which you have personally purchased within 30 days.

If you are unhappy for any reason with the product you have purchased, simply contact SLColonies with your request, reason and proof of purchase (transaction history). The transaction must have occured no more than 30 days prior to this return request and the item you are returning must have been purchased by you personally and be a no copy item.

We do not accept returns or refunds of copy items, nor will we accept items which were not purchased by you directly from our own store. If you purchased the item from elsewhere, such as a sale from another store or 3rd party, unfortunately you will have to make your request through that party.

Double Purchasing

If you have accidently purchased more than 1 copy of the item you were intending to, please get in contact with us as soon as possible. You will need to provide the no copy item back if it was no copy and proof of purchase from your transaction history.

If the item you have double purchased was copy, there is still a way for us to obtain proof of this through transaction histories and we would be more than happy to refund you the extra purchases made.


Unfortunately we can only offer re-deliveries of ‘copy’ products. We use bots to deliver our products to you, which ensures that items reach your inventory even if you have gone offline.

Please contact us for assistance in searching for your product if you have lost it. But unfortunately when dealing with lost inventory, this ticket needs to be raised with Linden Labs directly. We can also not assist with purchases made outside of our official in-world store as these other purchases are done using 3rd parties (such as the SL Marketplace).


When updates are made to any of our products, you will be entitled to receiving free updates.

Some items, such as crafting stations as well as the player HUD have auto update scripts within. When an update is detected, you will be offered the new version. For copy items such as the player HUD, this will be simple. For items such as crafting stations which are no copy, the script will ensure you sacrifice your old no copy version of the item before a new version is automatically sent to you.

Any items which are not scripted for automatic updates, such as all our gatherables, a notice will be sent out to all customers to come and update your product in store or to contact us directly to exchange your old product for new.

Any items which are copy, new versions will be sent to you via Caspervend notice for you to update on your land.

Product Permissions & Custom Work

We do not offer the ability to change product permissions. What we sell our products as is what they will remain as.

We are not currently offering custom work, however we are always open to new ideas to add to SLColonies and would be more than happy to hear from you.

Free Product Support

Our free products are treated like any other products. We can help with redeliveries and any other issues you have with these products.


All products purchased in the SL Marketplace are sold at full price (100% RRP). This includes purchases made using our affialiate vendors hosted on 3rd party land. We cannot offer refunds of discounts or offer you discounts after the fact.

Purchasing the products from our official in-world store will give you a 5% discount. Once you join our SLColonies Group, you will receive a 10% discount when purchasing from our official in-world store.

Please note, any refunds and returns will only include what you paid and the discount cannot be applied to your refund. Example: If you paid L$90 for a L$100 item due to your discounts, we will only refund you L$90 and not the full L$100.

We do not offer discounts for mass purchases. We have some packages setup which have a price worked in for the package, but that is as far as we will take it at this stage.

Gacha, Midnight Madness & Lucky Chair

Gacha Items, Midnight Madness & Lucky Chair Items do not fall under the same policies as those above. All of these are considered a game and we will not offer refunds for items purchased. If you have purchased something and it had not been delivered, we will do our best to help with this, but this will likely fall under inventory loss and have to be dealt with via Linden Labs.

We use bots for all deliveries, which means that even if you are offline and do not hit accept by accident on a delivery, the item will still make its way to your inventory.


We take our customer privacy seriously. We ensure you that no customer information will be shared with any 3rd party not directly involved with the development of SL Colonies.

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