Introduction to the SL Colonies System

SL Colonies is an RPG game (currently in Beta Development) within Second Life which focuses on Survival, Farming, Breeding, Crafting and Trading.

SL Colonies defers greatly from other systems within Second Life in that its focus is to encourage all players within the system to get out there and visit other lands in order to progress in their chosen profession.

Every profession requires to interact with another in order to survive and to be successful. Whether it be obtaining tools from a carpenter or smith to harvest your farm fields. Obtaining milk and wheat to bake high energy foods, or simply to visit a baker or brewer to stock up in much needed food and drink in order to even survive. Perhaps you enjoy trade and being a merchant – buying low, selling high?

Whether you are a world builder making a new RPG, or you are a small land owner wanting to build a small farm or just enjoy cooking in your own home, or perhaps you have no land but would like to play and be a part of something greater – the limit is your imagination. You can really rule your own empire or lead your own life!

Why another farming system?

SL Colonies was conceived from various ideas over years of research and testing of many games and systems from within Second Life and outside.

I have enjoyed Second Life systems such as DG, G&S & DFS for many years. Even played around with Life2, Unity and combat systems like GM, GCS, zCS, DCS.

Well, from all of these systems I put together their pro’s and con’s and thought to myself; what would I want within my own lands to make the perfect system that not only integrates everything I want, but encourages interaction and roleplay between the residents in my own communities. This included looking at games outside of Second Life, in particular Survival games such as ARK: Survival, Rust, but also how player economy works in games, such as Eve Online – how do certain games tackle certain areas to really make them unique.

One of our methods of really fixing the problem of supply & demand and focusing on player driven economy is putting measures in place to prevent the selling of items crafted and gathered within the system to be sold for L$ on the SL marketplace or through the use of vendors. Instead, we added features such as marketplace HUBS and vendors which use in-game currency including buy and sell orders – much like an exchange. This encourages trade to be done within lands at marketplace hubs and vendors using the internal game currency. Players in the system will visit other regions and known artisans in order to obtain the resources they need to craft and progress.

Our main objective with SL Colonies is to build an RPG game which fixes the problem of broken trade and economy. Our goal is to create player driven economy, supply & demand between participating lands and player interaction in a grander scale where you are rewarded for participating.

The in-game currency is not printed out of thin air. It must be mined, smelted, pressed into plates and minted into usable currency in order to be of any use.

Join Us

Come join us, come explore the many sims using our system and get a feel for how we work. Join our active communities and get to know other players of the system.

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