Vendor Scripts

We have two types of vendors available to players.

We have the Single Item Vendor which allows players to setup representations of items or signs to sell and/or buy a single item from its inventory. Great for shop fronts with multiple items on display, such as a baker with representations of baked goods out front.

We also have the Multi Item Vendor which allows players to setup NPC Merchants or ShopKeepers in their RPG environment which will buy and sell up to 20 types/stacks of items within its inventory. Great for setting up shops with NPC’s that players can trade with directly.

Players can choose to setup their vendor to sell/buy items with any SLC economy coin which they currently hold in their inventory.

**Single Item Vendor**
Price: L$50
Markeplace Listing: Here

**Multi Item Vendor**
Price: L$500
Markeplace Listing: Here


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