Huntables are animals that will either fight or flight when sensing you in range. If you manage to kill them before they kill you or escape, you will obtain an animal carcass and the possibility of an animal hide or scrap hide used to make leather. The carcasses are brought to a butcher for portioning before being made into various cuts, minces and other meats for use in cooking.

These animals also all have a chance of giving you special ingredients which give higher bonuses when researched in the alchemy station, than any other ingredients in the system.

You can set respawn points on your animals so that they will spawn in different parts of your land or perhaps spawn into groups in specific areas where they are more likely to congregate.

You will need a weapon to hunt animals, such as a sword or a bow. The Ranger profession will earn CXP with every kill of these animals.

Price: L$200
Markeplace Listing: Click

CXP Reward: 2
Respawn Rate: 30 minutes


Water Tower