Logging Station

The SLC Logging station is a crafting station for the Woodsmen profession. It allows woodsmen to cut down trees of logs into their various plank forms as well as scrap wood. These planks and scraps are used by the Carpenters to make a variety of tools, weapons, furniture & other decorations.

Price: L$1,000
Markeplace Listing: Here

Energy Consumption: 15
Tool Requirement: None
Tool Durability Use: 0

Bonus Items

This pack includes bonus items which are copy (no trans) permissions for your builds.

  • Loggers Cabinet
  • Log Group
  • Long Planks Group
  • Short Planks Group


Recipe Name Level Ingredients
Large Plank 0 1
Medium Plank 1 1
Small Plank 1 1
Wood Scraps 1 1

Leather Rack
Mash Tun