Sewing Table

The sewing table is a seamstress station to make final products. Whether they be bed sheets, blankets that can be applied to furniture, or cushions, rugs and even clothing to be worn by other players.

You will need to obtain plans from a research table and make copies of these plans at an engineering table, using parchment. Once you have a plan (plans are a sewing template, such as a shirt, dress, or bed sheets) you will then need to have material to make your plan out of. The material comes from patterns you have created in the loom.

The clothing items made on this table will be able to be worn by players. We will be working with various clothing designers to bring new additions to the game for free!

The bed sheets, cushions and such are able to be applied to furniture to change their appearance and to give them clean materials needed to be effective.

Price: L$600
Markeplace Listing: Here

Required Tool: None
Durability Use: 0
Energy Use: 5
Crafting Speed: 5 minutes


Pottery Table