Sheep are an animal farmers can have on land to gather wool from once a day. The wool will be able to be brought to a spinning wheel to create threads from, which will be used for crafting and also in a loom to make various materials.

Sheep can also be slaughtered for their carcass. Doing so will be permanent however & the player will have to seek out a breeder to purchase replacement stock for coin. These carcasses can be brought to a butcher shop to create various cuts of meat, where the end products can again be brought to a cooking station to create various delicious recipes!

Price: CXP or Bred using a Sheep Breeder
Markeplace Listing: CXP Store Only / In-World

Required Tool: Shears
Durability Use: 1
Energy Use: 5
Growth Speed: 24 hrs

SLC Sheep
SLC Sheep

Vegetable Fields