SL Colonies HUD

All items gathered and farmed within SL Colonies start off initially as virtual items which are registered in a database as a player inventory.

Clicking on the inventory icon gives the following buttons:

  • View:
    • When clicked, players will be able to open a web browser page which will list their current inventory. From within the web based inventory, they are able to use an item which effects players stats, or drop items they no longer need.
  • Give:
    • System will scan for nearby players. When a player is selected, you are given the option to simply give them items.
  • Trade:
    • System will scan for nearby players. When a player is selected, you are able to select which item you would like to trade with that other player, and how many. You will be asked to confirm, then the other player will receive notification to accept or deny the trade request. The other player then see’s the offer and makes a trade counter-offer. When both parties agree, trade is completed and items transfered to each players inventory.
  • Use:
    • Use an item, such as food, drink, potions.
  • Rez:
    • A number of items in the game are made to be rezzable. Such as certain foods, drinks, potions, weapons, tools, furniture and more. When you select an item to rez, the server will send you the physical version and remove the database version from your inventory. NOTE: Once rezzed, items cannot be returned to virtual inventory and are also sent to you as no-copy & no-transfer versions. The latter feature is in place to prevent the selling of items on the SL Marketplace for L$.