The Compass

The Compass
The Compass

The compass is a unique HUD in the SLColonies system, in that it allows you to go to any region in Second Life, including mainland regions to forage and hunt for special ingredients, like flora, fungi, herbs and so on.

You can resize and move this HUD as you wish to make it suit your display. You will see that as you turn your avatar around, the compass will point in the direction relative to where you are facing (North, East, South, West). Next to the compass is a meter, this is a timer bar that starts off full when you begin searching for an item, and slowly drops until you have run out of time to find something.

Clicking on the little book icon, you can pick what category of item you are looking for. Whether that be fungi, herbs, flora, insects etc. Clicking on the magnifying glass, you will see a portion of the compass highlight with different colours or different sizes.

You will need to point your avatar in the direction of where you saw the highlighting (using the compass) and walk towards that direction. When you think you are closer, click on the magnifying glass again. Repeat the process until you find something.

What the colours mean:

Colour Distance
Red 50 to 100m
Yellow 6 to 50m
Green 1 to 5m

Watch this video for an example of how it works.

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