The Marketplace

The Marketplace HUBS
The Marketplace HUBS

The marketplaces are probably the most complex system to learn as a new player, and we are currently in the process of upgrading how they work altogether, so, soon, this tutorial section and the video that comes along with it will be updated to reflect the change.

The market is a place where you can buy and sell anything the game has to offer. These all use the official SLC Coin. Every player starts with 50copper (50 coins) to use when they start off. You can learn more about the currency here.

There is usually a market in every sim you go to visit that uses SLColonies (though not always).

Here, you can browse a list of items that others are offering for sale, and you can buy directly from those sales orders. You can also sell directly to orders using the fill request system. By selling excess items that you do not need, direct to people who need them, you will earn coins instantly.

You can also place sell orders into the system, where you will list the item you are selling and it will sit in escrow listed on the market for someone to purchase for the coin price you have set.

If you are in need of something and what you are looking for is not listed, or is not listed at a price you are willing to pay, you can place a ‘Request’ for that item and list how many you would like and tell players how much you are willing to pay them per item.

The marketplace will automatically take the coins or items it needs from you and place them in escrow. If your sale or purchase does not end up completing, they will be refunded to you (minus any market fees).

If your purchases or sales are successfull, your items and or coins will be placed into the market ready for you to pickup. Simply return to the same market you used and claim your items.

Watch the video below to see it all in action:

Alchemy Station